When establishing company strategies, the CEO of Setronic Verona Srl does so with full awareness of the need for an integrated vision of an organisation permeated by quality and founded on sound principles that all come together in the drawing up of these strategies. The principles and processes are enshrined in the company’s Quality Policy.

The strategic aim of Setronic is to satisfy the needs of its customers, its employees and those that work with the company. This is achieved through standardisation and the continuous improvement of all company processes and business, and the managerial development and application of a Quality programme adopted in accordance with the provisions of the standard

UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008

  The primary objectives of Setronic Verona Srl , which seeks to stand out as true market leader in its field, are the following:

  • to offer products and new and creative technical solutions that will meet market needs in a way that will ensure our customers regard us as the ideal partner, capable of designing and manufacturing highest quality line detectors, both as regards their performance and their attention to environmental conditions;
  • to assure at all times the very best before- and after-sale technical assistance to establish a genuine and lasting relationship of trust between ourselves and the client;
  • to train our distributor companies through the organisation of courses and refresher courses on the products, their applications and their installation;
  • to develop and a QMS tool capable of realising annually set objectives, ensuring we meet our commitments, while underpinning continuous improvements in company processes and complying fully with binding product and correlated service requirements;
  • to instil an ethos and methodology in the business that ensures that all those working with and for us are at all times providing the best service to the customer.

In carrying out its mission we at Setronic Verona Srl undertake:

  • to our customers, to supply products and services that meet all mandatory requirements and are of the highest quality, to be transparent and reliable in all we do and to ensure that pricing is competitive for the quality products;
  • to our suppliers, to foster a spirit of alliance so both parties are may be actively involved in the performance and features of the product, as well to provide them with all the support they need in understanding product requisites and regulations and any specific customer demands;
  • to our employees, to encourage personal initiative and growth, to ensure profitable and harmonious relations in the company and to provide a safe environment where all are happy to work;
  • to the owner, to favour the growth of the business, ensuring sufficient profitability and the financial stability that is essential for the realisation of the Quality Policy.

This CEO is convinced of the need for serious and constant accountability of all concerned to ensure the efficacy and efficiency of the QMS.

For all these reasons, this CEO is committed to playing an active role in promoting and guiding all action that positively affects Quality, spreading these principles through all levels of the organisation and regularly checking that the desired results are being obtained.

01 Febbraio 2018