Opacity analyzer


applied to ARGO system, to define the level of pollution of the air, a fundamental parameter for the automatic management of ventilation systems in motorway tunnels.


wall mounted by special adjustable brackets and with a controller for the programming of ARGO.


of the ARGO system to drastically reduce the costs of technical services.


ARGO is presented to the market with technology, development, design and production entirely MADE IN ITALY.

TxA Unit Tx Argo
RxA Unit Rx Argo
CAA Controller for Traffic Sensor ARGO

Why use argo

  • ARGO is a new generation Opacity Analizers.
  • It analyses larger areas than other equipment currently on the market, up to 200 metres, taking advantage of a long span optical capacity, so it can be used in tunnels, including in road tunnels, in underground car parks, in heavy vehicle depots and in the logistics field where vehicles have access.
  • Extremely accurate field analysis is used to guide an automatic forced ventilation system to clean the air. The detected measurement provides substantial energy savings sending an impulse for aspiration and for expulsion of polluted air only when a real pre-established critical threshold has been reached.
  • Optimisation of working costs: activating the fans only when it is really necessary, with resulting energy savings, while maintaining continuous road safety.
  • Very easy to instal and program.
  • Very low assembly, wiring and maintenance costs.
  • Maximum versatility as it can be installed horizontally or vertically and can work at any angle with the use of an adjustable bracket.
  • Installation possible at different distances through use of micrometric alignment device and in-built diaphragm.
  • Great stability over time through the use of a double infrared beam.
  • CONTROLLER for programming and calibration with capacity for
    • Installation in the field at human height in safety with easy access even where there is traffic present
    • Basic configuration for two Analysers, with 4-20mA or 0-5V output
    • Control board for reading two analogical inputs 4-20mA or 0-5V and two ON-OFF inputs
    • Real time display of opacity levels in percent, in dB and for the calculation of k, i.e. the coefficient of light absorption
    • Opacity level log in internal memory. Settable sample times
    • Data can be downloaded from USB port
    • Progamming keyboard can be protected by password
  • High resistence self-extinguishing V0 class plastic case.
  • Marked CE – EMC test at 30 Vm.
  • Protection rating of equipment IP65 certified.
  • Manufactured in compliance with RoHS and Reach directives – Eco compatible.

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