Optical beam smoke and fire detector

Going on with the politics of Quality and technology development that always characterizes SETRONIC VERONA, we are proud to announce to our customers that the beam detectors of ILIA line have been certified by UL on 6th of June 2015.
The specific model ILIA UL combines all well-known features of ILIA:

Dedicated SW that allows the evaluation of the beginning of a fire by determining the percentage of obscuration, which can be set at six different levels, in order to fully comply with UL268 standard.

This important step for the development of the product in new markets followed shortly after obtaining certification in March 2015 from the Civil Defence of the United Arab Emirates, again for the beam detector ILIA, which is now practically a linear detection system, not only recognized and appreciated for its versatility and the degree of safety guaranteed in all conditions, but certified for use almost worldwide.


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