The system is composed of the following components:

  • Transmitting unit (Tx) and Receiving unit (Rx) complete with “Avional” aluminum pointing mechanism.
  • Adjustment key.
  • Pair of EXD cable glands.
  • Pair of die-cast aluminum brackets.
  • Controller (CSRLS-ATEX).

ILIA ATEX is a beam detector that bases its detection on infrared modulation resulting from the initial presence of smoke or fire, in different conditions. It is built in an ATEX container that can be used in classified areas Z1-2-21-22. ILIA ATEX is particularly suitable for installation in:

  • Petrochemical plants.
  • Laboratories.
  • Gas storage processing plants.
  • Plants with materials at risk of explosion.
  • Classified areas where a fire with smoke and / or fire can occur.


  • RS485 serial connection with 4 conductors.
  • High immunity of the thresholds to environmental disturbances.
  • Automatic compensation of the thresholds.
  • Self test of the RS485 serial.


  • Version consisting of Transmitter, Receiver and Controller Unit.
  • Stand-alone system with non-expandable Controller.
  • Highly Sensitive Smoke and Fire detection with specific software for use suitable for critical industrial environments where dust, vapors and aerosols are always present.
  • Operating distance from 10 to 120 meters with maximum covered area in compliance with individual national standards.
  • 24 Volt power supply.
  • Transmitter and Receiver in ATEX certified enclosure with IP66 protection rate.
  • Extremely simple to install.
  • The detector programming and the electronic alarm and fault simulation tests can be managed at ground level by means of the Controller.
  • The units can work both horizontally and vertically.



  • In compliance with standard EN54-12.
  • CE marking according to directive 89/336.
  • RoHS Compatibility.
  • Angular misalignment admissible up to ± 1° at the maximum distance.
  • Complete stability of alignment over time.
  • Sensitivity programmable from the ground in a wide range of possibilities by means of the C ontroller.
  • Automatic fault reset in case of temporary blinding.

IP65  Controller for programming, calibration and remote test Controller for programming execution for the detector with the following characteristics:

  • Installation in a safe area at ground level.
  • Three independent alarm thresholds: smoke pre-alarm, smoke alarm and fire alarm.
  • Independent Pre-Alarm, Alarm and Fault outputs with clean contacts.
  • Maintenance request signal with possibility to disable of the output.
  • Configurable NO or NC Fault output, with delay selectable from 0 to 4 minutes.
  • Reset input.
  • Protected access to the menu keyboard via customizable PW.