Starting from a team of professionals with a long experience in electronics, SETRONIC Verona was born in 1978, a consolidated and qualified reality in the Security fire detection world.

Since from its origins, proud of Italian industry, the founders they have proposed the aim to introduce on the market products and systems that could achieve results in the following ways:

  • Promote to the users a new way to detect fire with made in Italy technology
  • Decrease the necessary number of detectors on a comparable supervised area
  • Simplify, for our users, the arrangement of the plant, decreasing cost both for installation and maintenance

The company, in the constant search to purpose avant-garde products, has improved its own engineering experience, offering to the market a new concept of:


Traffic Sensor
a fundamental and revolutionary system to determine the


Air Visibility
necessary parameter for the management of the automatic system of


Forced Ventilation
It found its best use in:

  • Galleries and road tunnels
  • Railways and underground tunnels
  • Detection of pollution, fog and steam
  • Constant monitoring of environment air
  • Analyzer of air quality for regulation of extractors fans in:
    • Underground parking
    • Garages for HGV
    • Logistics with internal traffic of vehicles